Shopping Tips


Sketch Your Room(s)

  • Sketch the width and length dimensions for the room(s) and add the measurements. (It may be help in irregular shaped rooms to break the room sketch down into smaller rectangular areas.)
  • Be sure to include doorways, windows, closets, stairs, fireplaces, fixed cabinets, irregular features, heat sources and lighting (placement & type).
  • If replacing existing flooring look at your floors and note on your plan any noticeable traffic patterns.

Ideas & Reminder List

  • Along with your room sketch list your ideas for the room. Also, list anything that is important to remember, such as a reminder to take fabrics from the room or a pillow from a couch when going shopping for flooring.
  • Incude your favorite colors, proposed room palette (wallpaper, paint, etc.) fabric style and color, new furniture, special pieces and window treatments.


Before you go shopping: download the sample checklist, print it out and make several copies to take along. Click here to view and print the Checklist.


Most businesses have converted to square foot measuring and pricing, for consistency and for easier comparison shopping. Occasionally, you will run across both. Here is a quick conversion table to use when planning your new room, or print out and take shopping with you.

Room Size 6×9 9×12 10×12 12×15 12×16 12×20 14×20 15×20 20×24
Sq. Ft. 54 108 120 180 192 240 280 300 480
Sq. Yd. 6 12 14 20 22 27 32 34 54

Note: 9 Square Feet = 1 Square Yard
To Calculate Square Yards: (Total Sq.Ft.) / 9 = Total Sq.Yds.


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